Tuesday, August 14, 2007

“The Layers of the Heart”

Hladina Method “The Layers of the Heart”

"Hladina"- is based on the Sanskrit word Hladini, which Sri Aurobindo describes as the Power of Divine Love to melt all resistance and nourish physical transmutation. Sri Aurobindo foresaw Hladini as the next great power of The Divine Mother that needed to be incorporated on earth for this present stage of evolution already.”

Soleil (inlightenthebody.com), the founder of the method, developed Hladina through Mother’s guidance, finding a most simple access to the psychic being and calling it “Layers of the Heart”. The Hladina Method's process of 'Layers of the Heart', gives a direct, safe, and nurturing, route to the Psychic Being, which, according to Sri Aurobindo, is the body of the soul.. The body-mind journey relies on Mothers cellular consciousness from one's sternum through the heart to one's back bone (three layers in total), and returns again. This journey resolves emotional and behavioral pattern residue and reveals enlightening discoveries from this life and previous lives. As the psychological aspects clarify, one sees and feels the essential self-energies of one's emotional heart, the Psychic Being, and one's connectedness with the Transpersonal Self or Divine All.

When you connect to the first layer of your heart, which is right behind your sternum, you might feel love floating through your heart and body already or you will feel a sensation or see an image. The language of the psychic being is not mind oriented and can at times be felt as irrational. This language of the psychic being needs to be understood and discovered first before you feel the true connection. Along with the understanding and the connection you might discover a new dimension in yourself and feel the divine all in you actively present. The ability to love others unconditionally or simply in a truer way means to connect with the part in you that is truly a connection with the divine, namely, your psychic being. The awareness of the divine love inside you will allow you to see live from deeper points of view and will create compassion and trust.

Sometimes there is darkness in the heart, due to traumas of your past or present life which do not want to allow you to connect to your heart before those traumas are released. Hladina helps here the understanding of your own patterns, followed by forgiveness, and finally love will flow once again. The energy of letting go and of surrendering to the healing of ones past is essential to progress. Emptying the vessel in order to refill it with new and light energies, you first have to discover the pain of the block at its source. You are all here to grow, to step into a new world. A new dimension can be awakening within yourself and within your own psyche. But we are often too hurt to allow ourselves to step into this infinite world of divinity, thus we suffer that we cannot connect to the light. This might need an individual guidance to manage the hurt of the past, because it needs the care of a facilitator to bring you to the point of re-connection to become your true self again.

In the workshop we will attempt to lead you through the layers of the heart into your psychic being. We will facilitate as many individuals as possible, and acquaint you with the essentials of the process. As the workshop is attended by many people, a thorough individual guidance cannot be provided, but the experience of accessing the psychic being may be shown. Individual appointments for further exploration or clarification may be arranged. Please, contact us personally for your private sessions if considered after the workshop.


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